Each person carries with himinformation about the history of mankind

And this information is lost ...


Memories and facts are forgotten

photos, letters, records are lost and destroyed


The connections between people and events are cut off forever ...

Creating a page about family and friends

you keep the memory of the history of mankind

It takes a couple of minutes to create a memory page

Start simple - enter your full name, date of birth and gender. personality activity. Upload a photo if available. This will help you get started quickly and not abandon what you started.

It takes a couple of minutes to create a memory page
Invite family and friends
Invite family and friends

Putting information together is easier. Send invitations by mail or messenger to those who can help. You can together edit and add information to your page.

Watch your pages grow with interconnections

As the pages are filled, the memorial will find matches with other pages. By place of life, occupation, common events and acquaintances. Then present this data in the format of interesting facts.

Watch your pages grow with interconnections


We will help you preserve the memory of family and friends

Data warehouse for 50 years

By purchasing data storage for your pages, you are guaranteed to preserve invaluable photos and videos for generations.

Scanning photos

We will help you keep your old albums. Send photos to our scan center. We will carefully scan your photos, upload them to the page and send them back to you.

AI-powered image processing

Refresh your family albums with AI, turning old and black and white photos into new and color ones in seconds.

Preserve the memory of the people who are important to you