2004 Lexus SC430 Hardtop Convertible. Walk Around Video. In Depth Review

2004 Lexus SC430 Hardtop Convertible. Walk Around Video. In Depth Review


Despite most people thinking this generation of Lexus SC looks hideous, and I was one of them, but after spending time with this one, inside and out, I actually like it. I am not a huge fan of the Patrician Boulevard cruiser look to it, and would probably rather it look more sporty, but inside, it is well crafted and has an almost Bentley-look to it. Interior fit and finish is excellent, the convertible top mechanism seems to be extremely well-built, and overall build quality and attention to detail is typical Toyota/Lexus from this area, and that would be excellent! By today's standards, the 300-hp V8 seems a bit lazy and slow to 60, but power delivery is smooth and seemingly effortless. This car is less an off-the-line performer and more of a smooth and gradual accelerator. That said, despite the car sitting on low-profile tires, ride quality is smooth and controlled. Steering is almost BMW-esque in that when you turn the wheel, you know exactly where you are going. This car is in control without you believing it is in control. Fluid, effortless and commanding are how I would describe the SC. Exterior looks aside, I agree with Car and Driver Magazine; an “unqualified success” and called it “comfortable, fast, smooth and quiet” with “all the virtues expected in a patrician roadster.” 

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Here, we are taking a detailed in-depth walk-around look at the interior and exterior of this 2004 Lexus SC430 Hardtop Convertible

*Units in Parenthesis indicate 2019 Dollar Equivalents.

Base Price: $62,575 ($85,245)

Total Options: $802 ($1,093)

Destination Charge: $625 ($852)

Total Price as Shown: $64,002 ($87,190)

*Price does NOT reflect current local offers, incentives, rebates or any other deal or sale. Please contact the appropriate dealership if applicable that's listed at the beginning of the video for more information.

Exterior Color: Indigo Ink Metallic

Interior Color: Black/Saddle Leather w/Burled Walnut Trim

Engine: 4.3L 32V DOHC VVT-i V8

Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic

Optional Equipment Shown On Vehicle:

Gold Package - $362 ($493)

-Gold Plated Badges

Rear Spoiler - $440 ($600)

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