A Sacrifice to Nature and to Business. Alexander Lyadov

A Sacrifice to Nature and to Business. Alexander Lyadov

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A Sacrifice to Nature and to Business

As soon as we step into nature and take a deep breath of fresh air, we exclaim, "Why don't I come to the forest more often?" But before the trip, we have different thoughts: "Why bother going somewhere? The city is so cozy. And in nature, there are burns, mosquitoes, and ticks." The only way to truly understand the meaning and joy of certain activities is to dive into them headfirst. Sometimes literally, like when you catch yourself thinking in the pool, "Swimming is so cool! And I didn't even want to go." Every time, I am struck by the contrast between the trembling body before the icy water and the enthusiasm of the energized mind afterward.


Entrepreneurship and cold showers are similar in that they require an initial investment in order to earn income. Something valuable must be sacrificed - energy, time, and/or capital. This barrier effectively divides people into those who are willing to part with something dear today and those who are not. Fairy tales and parables often require the contender to try not once, not twice, but three times to prove his or her seriousness of intent.

The price itself is not important, whether it's one cent or one hundred million dollars. The value is determined by the benefit the individual expects to derive. Society often engages in too many discussions and debates about price, saying that $XXX is ridiculously high or low. It is much more productive to ask oneself, "What desired state do I intend to achieve with $XXX?"

Alexander Lyadov