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Commercial service

ABC Locksmith Jacksonville excels in delivering top-tier locksmith services tailored to diverse commercial properties. Our expertise encompasses the meticulous installation and maintenance of high-quality commercial locks, offering comprehensive solutions to fulfill all your commercial locksmith needs.

In the realm of commercial locksmith services in Jacksonville, ABC Locksmith Jacksonville leads the way. We understand the unique security challenges that businesses and commercial properties encounter. Striking the delicate balance between maintaining an inviting environment for customers while safeguarding your business and employees is our foremost objective.

Our team of professional commercial locksmiths is fully equipped to handle the installation of various business locking systems, door closers, and other essential hardware. Furthermore, we are committed to providing customized solutions tailored precisely to your specific requirements.

Business lockouts can be immensely frustrating, but we're here to provide a swift resolution. Thanks to our rapid response team, you can typically regain access within 30 minutes, contingent upon your location within the city. Our Jacksonville locksmiths offer on-site consultations, ensuring you discover cost-effective and tailor-made security solutions aligned with your current business needs.

For all your commercial locksmith requirements, don't hesitate to contact us around the clock. Explore how we can offer security solutions to protect your business or commercial property effectively.

We are LOCAL !

Nestled in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, we are your dependable neighborhood locksmith experts committed to assisting homeowners and businesses in our local community. Whether you've experienced an accidental lockout or misplaced your keys in Jacksonville, we're here to provide around-the-clock support. No locksmith problem is too minor for us to resolve!


Welcome to ABC Locksmith Jacksonville, your dependable partner for all your residential locksmith needs. Our services encompass a wide array of solutions, including expert lock installation, meticulous maintenance, efficient repairs, and responsive emergency residential unlocking.

Our team of certified professionals caters to a diverse clientele, serving everyone from homeowners and apartment dwellers to hotels and motels across Jacksonville. We take great pride in providing not just any locks but high-quality, reputable, and certified brands to bolster your home's security and ensure its safety.

In a city with a multitude of locksmith options, our experienced team truly sets us apart, and we are available round-the-clock for your convenience. When you reach out to ABC Locksmith Jacksonville, we promptly dispatch a skilled technician to your location. Our process entails the removal of the existing lock from the door, precise rekeying, lubrication of the door's internal components, expert reinstallation of the lock, and comprehensive testing to guarantee seamless operation. Your safety and security always top our list of priorities.