Aggression in Business Partnerships. Alexander Lyadov

Aggression in Business Partnerships. Alexander Lyadov

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Aggression in Business Partnerships


Sometimes, the actions of a co-founder can be increasingly irritating.

But while you stay silent, you feel anger building up inside you.

"It OK. Tings will work out somehow," you whisper to yourself.

The problem is that aggression is the energy of defending your boundaries.

If it doesn't find a target, like a fierce Caucasian sheepdog, it will attack you.

In the end, everyone suffers: your health, friends, wife, and children.

All because you are strictly forbidden to bite your business partner.

What is it? Why? Where did their sacred status come from?

Unconsciously, you created a halo over your partner's head.

Something about this person or partnership is extremely valuable to you.

For example, you are convinced that without him, your business won't make it.

There may be many reasons, but the outcome is the same: you are backed into a corner.

That's why typical solutions like "just talk it out" are not very helpful.

Right now, your priority is to increase the number of degrees of your freedom.

Increasing the degree of your freedom is your priority right now.

Alexander Lyadov