Become an Automotive Locksmith | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

Become an Automotive Locksmith | Mr. Locksmith™ Video


Become an Automotive Locksmith | Mr Locksmith Video

ONLINE AUTOMOTIVE LOCKSMITH COURSE "How to make keys to cars and trucks" 


"How to become an Automotive Locksmith."

I have been making keys to cars the day I got my driver's license, at 16 years old and one day. I got my driver's license and the first thing I did was load up the trunk of the car with tools so I could go out there and make keys to cars. I was opening cars like crazy, I'm only 16, we had a family locksmith business, so I'm opening up cars. It was so easy, back in those days, a slim jim, a flat piece of band steel we made, and a coat hanger. And I had a chrome-plated coat hanger because people got upset if I took their coat hanger and opened up their door, with the button. I made a little shepherd's hook and opened it, they got mad and they didn't want to pay, but if I took out this shiny, chrome coat hanger and opened up their door, they just thought I was a genius. I've been doing this a long time, been making keys to cars, and actually, it was very easy, when I was a kid, and teenager, and then into my 20s, cars were a mechanical key. If you had the keys, a lot of the automotive had the key codes, it was a fun business and not too many people did it. Which brings us to nowadays, and automotive locksmithing. We have transponder keys, we have chips within the keys, now we have prox keys that don't even require you to plug it into the car. You just put it in your pocket, go up to your car. I got a brand new Toyota, go up into my, just walk up to the door, pull it, pull the door handle, it opens up, I sit in the car, I push the button, and away I go. Now some people say this creates less opportunity for locksmiths, but the dealers are extremely expensive. Sometimes, we're about the same price, but the customer doesn't have to tow the car. We can go onsite, make keys to the car. It's becoming more complex, but it's actually becoming a little bit easier. You can now plug into the vehicles, and make keys to it and program our keys. So automotive locksmithing, even though it's more complex, has become extremely more profitable. To make keys to some of the new cars, the customers are looking at hundreds, or sometimes thousands of dollars from the dealership. So we can make keys to cars way less than the dealerships. Sometimes we have the same price, but a lot of times we're more convenient, we show up, plus we're seven days a week, 24 hours a day if you want to do that, as well. So if you want to become an automotive locksmith, join our program, and you will learn how to become an automotive locksmith. 

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Become an Automotive Locksmith | Mr. Locksmith™ Video