Brazilian jiu-jitsu could re-establish itself. Hilo Haole

Brazilian jiu-jitsu could re-establish itself. Hilo Haole


If you look at the grappling styles from each country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is actually pretty isolated in the United States and Brazil whereas Judo is far more practiced in the former Soviet bloc, Africa and Europe hence it's curious these countries are dominating mixed martial arts these days... accomplished Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes have been largely relegated out of high-level mixed martial arts competition with only a tiny handful left and most of them come from an American wrestling background in addition to BJJ ... obviously Judo has gone down the rabbit hole of ridiculous rules designed to popularize its television appeal that have completely destroyed its martial arts application however when you combine it with Freestyle Wrestling and train with a complete disregard for the modern sport rule set it becomes legitimate again... it's painfully obvious that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is nothing more than judo's petulant child and it's ironic to see it making the exact same mistakes that relegated sport Judo to a complete farce in real world fight scenarios... Brazilian jiu-jitsu could re-establish itself if it had the good sense to fix its competition rules and not make the same mistakes Judo did, we literally have a template for failure and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has decided to follow it lockstep into the annuals of history and it will be terribly curious to see it come full circle as winning the takedown becomes the predominant expedient in mixed martial arts grappling... what's really amazing is the fact that you don't get penalized for stalling on the ground in MMA competition and every Slugger doesn't just go out there and hold on until the referee stands them up for another shot at the KO like the television audience wants, there's no sense in learning to Grapple on the ground... just avoid going down there and if you do find yourself on the wrong end of the takedown simply stall till they let you out of the predicament so you basically get free unlimited stand-ups hence winning the takedown is everything and rolling around on the ground becomes "tactically passé"

Hilo Haole