Creating Myself. Alexander Lyadov

Creating Myself. Alexander Lyadov

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Creating Myself

There are many disciplines where I'm completely clueless.

Yet, globally, no one pulls off what I do.

Does it sound cocky? Not at all.


To grab my skills, one needs to follow my odd journey:


Advertising man


Wealth manager

Venture capitalist

Business therapist...

I've switched professional IDs more than once. But beyond biz, I've gathered diverse experiences—be it creativity, travel, or sports.

Every time, I plunged headfirst into a new activity. Genuine curiosity guided me. That's why learning happened very fast.

Couldn't predict every twist, but now, looking back, "connecting the dots" is easy. By exploring different disciplines, I was essentially exploring myself.

For my current passion, none of the existing names suited. That's why I had to make it up. A business therapist is a synthesis of a peculiar mix of ingredients. But each of them was essential.

What was your journey like to get to where you are now?

Alexander Lyadov