Don't Tell This to Anyone. Alexander Lyadov

Don't Tell This to Anyone. Alexander Lyadov

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Don't Tell This to Anyone

Want to achieve your personal goals more reliably?

Don't spill your plans to others. Why?


Symbolically, the event you want has already happened.

Your brain rushes to reward itself with feel-good hormones.

The effect is stronger the more they praise you: "You're amazing!"

In my experience, a vivid imagination only adds fuel to the fire.

Andrew Huberman calls it the "Don't tell the world rule." 

"But a CEO can't hide plans from the team!" someone exclaims.

Here, the benefit of syncing the group's efforts outweighs the harm from premature rewards.

Otherwise, keep your plans to yourself.

Or share them with someone who will accelerate your progress by X times.

For instance, a trusted partner, coach, or therapist.

Alexander Lyadov