Embrace the Suck. Alexander Lyadov

Embrace the Suck. Alexander Lyadov

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Embrace the Suck

"Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but do it like you love it." Tyson's words resonate with every athlete striving for lofty goals.


Your personality has many parts. Sometimes they want different things. One is already tired upon waking, desiring to laze in bed with a book all day. Another dreams of becoming a champion, but right away, not after several years. The third quietly packs a gym bag.

Sometimes, those parts can block each other, entering a deadlock. Then you can't move at all. You can suppress any part with violence, but only once. Later, that part will go underground and take revenge on you.

It's wiser to introduce a new law that makes sense for all parts of your personality, even if in the long run. The idea of preserving life is close and understandable to everyone. Then, make the law a habit through repeated ritual. Example: Physical activity can be anything but sweaty and daily.

However, the highest skill is transforming poison into medicine. As American Navy Seals motivate themselves: "Embrace the suck." Sincerely love what you hate the most. For me, it's:

Leg workouts,

Doing static exercises,

Morning jiu-jitsu bouts,

Immersing in an icy bath,

Repeating actions multiple times,

Being stuck in a vulnerable position,

Feeling like a "fool" in a new area, and so on.

Tyson's turnaround from hate to love is complex. But every time you manage it, the feeling of super strength inside you grows.

Alexander Lyadov

Mike Tyson, do what you hate to do but do it like u love it