Every year you get better. Alexander Lyadov

Every year you get better. Alexander Lyadov

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Every year you get better

"Every year you get better," said an old client after a session today, who approached me again after a couple of years. Although the praise is nice, I realise that the credit is not so much mine as it is my clients'. Each one of them influences my expertise and even my personality in one way or another.

If one has managed to build a business, it is impossible to be mediocre. The sea of problems to be solved revealed his or her authenticity. And although they turn to me for radical business change, I change too as a result of our collaboration. I'm inspired by the ambition of the founders, learn from their perseverance and am infected by the speed with which they get things done. Reflecting on their dilemmas, I have to rethink my experiences again and again. The variety of industries, the diversity of circumstances and the range of their problems turn my mind into a central library. All I have to do is arrange the books in alphabetical order on multi-storey shelves.

Watered by client cases, the tree of my expertise grows by itself from year to year. This is not coquetry, as I know what my true merit is. The fact is that I have managed to find, or rather create, my own business - Business Therapy. It’s been a long, difficult and bewildering journey that I would have been happy to shorten by 20 years. But Providence knows best - perhaps otherwise business therapy would not have been so effective.

Yours sincerely,

-Alexander Lyadov