Flames of Transformation. Alexander Lyadov

Flames of Transformation. Alexander Lyadov

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Flames of Transformation

What's the value of your ideas and products for customers? A savvy entrepreneur recently reminded me of the value of mine.


According to her, it's my thirst for the work of entrepreneurs who make daily decisions "on the edge of the abyss." This interest gives me a deeper understanding of their goals, needs, and context.

Indeed, the phenomenon of entrepreneurship intrigues me like fire did to primitive humans. I'm eager to grasp its nature. It radiates a power capable of transforming everything.

It transforms mundane lead into gold, in alchemical terms. People will call it a "unique opportunity" later on. For now, the founder picks up "useless" things lying on the ground.

Yet, in alchemy, both external and internal processes mattered. By solving the mysteries of matter, man himself has been transformed. The fire melts both iron and the blacksmith.

Somehow I see this flame in entrepreneurs. Its energy charges me with realistic optimism. As long as these wonderful people are among us, we'll tame absobloodylutely any chaos.

Alexander Lyadov