Garage Gurus. Vacuum Cooling System Refill

Garage Gurus. Vacuum Cooling System Refill


Simplify the process of filling a vehicle’s cooling system by using a vacuum refiller (COOLING SYSTEM FILLER FOR USE WITHOUT ADAPTERS Part No. MCR103U Matco, USA)

To learn more about a vacuum refiller and how to use it, check out this video featuring Master Trainer Ryan Payne of Garage Gurus. Ryan first explains how pulling a vacuum on the cooling system allows you to see if there are any leaks and to be assured that there is no air in the system after refilling. He then takes you step-by-step through the process of using a vacuum venturi cooling system refiller. Count on Garage Gurus to help you get your vehicle repair done right. 


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Garage Gurus | Vacuum Cooling System Refill