Hi. We're Breeze Airways™

Hi. We're Breeze Airways™

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Hi. We're Breeze Airways™
  • Foundation date

    09 March 2022


Hi. We're Breeze Airways™. Introducing nice, new, nonstop service from 10 new Breeze cities.


New heights to new sights. ✈️  

Introducing 35 new routes and 10 new Breeze cities with nice, new, nonstop service. Comment below with the emoji next to the city you’re most excited about. 

🌴 Jacksonville, Florida: Flights start May 2022  

🌉 San Francisco, California: Flights start May 2022  

🎸 Nashville, Tennessee: Flights start May 2022  

⛲️ Savannah, Georgia: Flights start June 2022  

🐢 Sarasota, Florida: Flights start June 2022  

🎰 Las Vegas, Nevada: Flights start June 2022  

🍊 Syracuse, New York: Flights start June 2022  

☀️ Fort Myers, Florida: Flights start June 2022  

🎥 Los Angeles, California: Flights start June 2022  

🍟 San Bernardino, California: Flights start August 2022  

Book your flights now at the link in our bio or www.flybreeze.com. #FlyBreeze