In an age of specialists. John Danaher

In an age of specialists. John Danaher


In an age of specialists: The game of Jiu jitsu has divided rather strongly into gi and no gi in the last decade, with most athletes making a choice to specialize in one or the other. Nicholas Meregali shocked the Jiu jitsu world just a couple of weeks ago by defeating the man most people considered the second best no gi grappler in the world, Kaynan Duarte in the most decisive way possible. Now he will compete just three weeks later in the @IBJJF IBJJF Grand Prix in Las Vegas in arguably the toughest gi competition of the year! Entered already are the great athletes, Victor Hugo, who will go in as favorite based on his outstanding performances earlier this year, Gabriel Rocha, Felipe Andrew, Gutemberg Peirera, Francisco Lonand others. This is a truly outstanding field. It will be a real challenge for Mr Meregali to try to win against the very best in both gi and no gi competition in such a short time frame. Ultimately we are all measured largely by the degree of difficulty of the challenges we take on - Mr Meregali has taken on one of the toughest challenges in grappling today - an all rounder in the age of specialists

John Danaher