Jawz Vampliers Best locking pliers by Vampire Tools

Jawz Vampliers Best locking pliers by Vampire Tools


High-quality specialty pliers to extract stripped or stuck screws or rounded nuts or bolts.

Easily removes stripped, rusted, security, specialty, Torx, low profile truss, screws, nuts, and bolts

Gripping vise remains closed securely while pliers are being used

Quick-release enables you to unlock the pliers immediately

Equipped with anti-slip elastomer handles for safety

Vertical Serrations for Powerful Grip

Quick Release Unlocking

Anti-slip Elastomer Handles.

Grips Screw Head 0.2″ – 0.5″

An extraordinary pair of pliers which incorporates patented and award-winning technology to solve screw extraction problems. They are the all-purpose pliers with a unique feature. A combination of vertical and horizontal serrations prevents slippage and provides a strong bite to grab the problem screw. These serrations are what differentiate VAMPLIERS® from ordinary pliers.


VAMPLIERS® are made from — treated high-quality carbon steel — a raw material which commands the highest respect in the world of tools. VAMPLIERS® Technology Vertical serrations and specially designed JAWZ generate gripping power. Perfectly fit serration maximizes contact with no slippage. Vertical serrations Bite and grip the screw head without slippage and the elaborate angle of serration also enables you to bite and turn truss screws (low-profile dome heads).

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Additional information

Weight 15.3 lbs

Dimensions 10 × 4 × 1.25 in

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