Jet Fighters Inside Out. Book by Jim Winchester

Jet Fighters Inside Out. Book by Jim Winchester


Discover some of the most amazing examples of jet fighters of all time in this exhilarating new title with inside and outside vantage points. This high-flying reference book gives mere civilians a unique chance to climb into the cockpits of classified military aircraft, and launch up into the clouds for recon missions and air-to-air combat. From the earliest models developed during World War I to the sophisticated military aircraft of the twenty-first century, explore iconic fighter jets like the sub-sonic MiG-17, one of the Soviet Union's most punishing weapons, and the iconic McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle, in flight since 1972. Learn how military aircraft evolved from the lightweight bi-planes of World War I to today's technological wonders equipped with radar and long-range missiles. Visually arresting large-scale spreads feature detailed specifications and fact boxes, as well as specially commissioned cross-section diagrams revealing the design and construction of each featured plane. Filled with more than 300 archival photographs, detailed artwork, maps, and more!

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

ISBN: 1607101084

ISBN13: 9781607101086

Release Date: December 2010

Publisher: Thunder Bay Press

Length: 320 Pages

Weight: 4.70 lbs.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 9.2" x 12.2"