Know Thyself. Alexander Lyadov

Know Thyself. Alexander Lyadov

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Know Thyself

"If a person is surprised and upset, it means he doesn't know himself well.

That's the unexpected insight I got today as a gift.

The initial reaction is to get upset: 'Why does this relate to me?!'

Like, the problem is in a chaotic environment, society, or people.

But what if my ability to predict things is lousy?

Playing the victim in a hostile environment still leads me nowhere.

But there is a chance to improve something by focusing on myself.

Let's move on.


Surprise means that phenomenon X caught me off guard.

And I'm upset because my imagined X is more valuable than real X.

Some part of me desperately wanted it to be this way, not another.

Had I known about this obsession, I could have softened the blow.

It's like a dad shielding the table corner to protect his child.

But turns out, I'm not familiar with this part of myself.

Its fundamental needs are new to me.

It's no wonder I flinch and struggle with its abrupt cry.

Notice, the point isn't to somehow change this part of myself.

No, it's enough to get acquainted with it and understand what drives it.

Conclusion: The better we know ourselves, the less we're upset.

Alexander Lyadov