Kremlin propaganda. Victor Berezenko

Kremlin propaganda. Victor Berezenko

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Kremlin propaganda. Victor Berezenko
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    02 September 2022


It triggered me and a desire to share it with my friends touched me immediately. Don't check the source. Just send it. This is how misinformation spreads. Someone hypes - someone believes.

«Female Ukrainian refugees steel men from Polish families who have hosted them».

The purpose of such messages is to ruin the relations between Ukrainians and Poles and generate panic.

kremlin propaganda is now active throughout Europe. Not only lies about war crimes, but also tries to discredit Ukrainians, spoils their relations with neighbors, lies, lies and lies again.

Disinformation often gets not only in the dubious publics, but also in the mainstream media.

What triggers people? What hurts? Sensitive topic, information out of the context, substitution of concepts. Blackmail based on basic human fears and needs. An outright lie, but who in the era of fast-food information properly checks the sources?

Do all the people tend to develop a culture of critical thinking to be informationally secure?

Darkness is the absence of light. If you pause your fight for at least one day, not refute fakes, not systematically spread truthful information, not teach critical thinking and improve AI systems to track sources of misinformation, then consider the fight for human minds lost. Because the russian strategy is about quantity multiplied by years, not quality.

Had a chance to talk about all this on the Polish radio TOK FM.

Victor Berezenko