Let the Fire Burn. Alexander Lyadov

Let the Fire Burn. Alexander Lyadov

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Let the Fire Burn

How to get a Wow product from a designer?

Explain your problem and shut up.


I intuitively came to this conclusion 28 years ago. I think that's why my career in the advertising industry has been successful. As a result, I became a co-founder of a group of companies and the CEO of an agency that was twice recognized as the most creative and innovative in Ukraine.

The brain of a creative person is like a bonfire. If you throw wet twigs and plastic into it, it will start to choke, smolder, and cough. But with coal and dry logs, the bonfire becomes a gigantic blaze that warms, nourishes, and safeguards everyone.

I immediately noticed a direct correlation between a breakthrough idea and a clearly formulated task. That's why I stopped being lazy and started investing time and effort into every brief. I also realized that it would be foolish of me to explain the process of oxidation to fire. Naively interfering in the creative realm only resulted in burns for me and turned the advertising product to ashes.

However, the more I focused on the quality of the questions going in and the answers coming out, the more often Mr. Market exclaimed, "Wow! Your team has managed to surprise me again!"

Alexander Lyadov