Life at the Intersection. Alexander Lyadov

Life at the Intersection. Alexander Lyadov

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Life at the Intersection


The most interesting stuff happens at the junction, intersection, and twist.

For instance, a moment before waking up, I sometimes get insights.

It's like a micro-satori. Suddenly, a long-pondered "koan" gets resolved.

Why does the hunch refuse to come before or after?

In the daytime, the mind rules despotically, but at night, it's a captive of the subconscious.

A new thought struggles to breach the fortress walls of logic. Or it wanders the halls of a splendid castle, yet its master is not there.

A fortunate opportunity is the transition from sleep to wakefulness. A crack appears in the monolith of existence. And novelty seeps through.

Such junctions occur in our lives more often than we think. Sometimes by our initiative, but more often by the whims of circumstance.

Note that each time, the automatism of existence shatters. This means that something you've long needed finally gets a chance to materialize.

Typically, a new thought/decision/action seems peculiar. That's normal. True life is always a paradox.

Alexander Lyadov

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