Look For Patterns. Alexander Lyadov

Look For Patterns. Alexander Lyadov

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Look For Patterns.

For many years, I've been my own boss. So the line between work and leisure has become arbitrary. I can grind through weekends when a client urgently needs help. Or I can take a few days off when my creative tank is running on empty. Still, when Friday evening rolls around, my spirits take flight. Why, you ask? Kindergarten, school, university, and employment etched a certain neural pathway in my mind. By inertia, my body and mind think that for five days I'm not my own person, but come the weekend, I'm free as the wind.


A similar pattern emerges as September approaches. Suddenly, businessmen remember their ambitious goals or get spooked by disputes that have been brewing since spring. Everyone gets filled with the energy to buy, market, or sell something—be it a grain contract, options, or their own brand. The cycle of autumnal activity is unstoppable. It's like a circadian rhythm, powerfully regulating biological processes.

Remembering patterns is crucial—not to fight or suffer from them, but to leverage their power. A potent pattern only disappoints if it catches you off guard. Yet, if you've frequently witnessed Pattern X in the past, its might is at your disposal. Essentially, the only thing standing in your way in business is high risk, meaning the uncertainty of outcomes. Familiarity with any patterns, especially social and individual ones, reduces entrepreneurial risk. What once threatened to destroy you transforms into your provider, friend, and protector.

Alexander Lyadov