Magic Lamp. Alexander Lyadov

Magic Lamp. Alexander Lyadov

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Magic Lamp

We snagged this lamp as a keepsake in the gingerbread-style Casa Batlló. Gaudí's genius shines in everything, from the exterior down to the doorknobs. A stroll through El Gòtic, a whiff of sea breeze, and Barcelona captures my heart forever. Back then, we were young, carefree and happy.


Wanted to haul Barcelona's symbol home. The snag? The lamp's delicate and unwieldy. Carrying it, no way. What if I shatter it? Plus, it was pricey.

Yet, intuition whispered: "You won't regret it. Hang tight." And, of course, she was right. 13 years on, every evening, I enjoy its enchanting glow. The lamp reminds me of paradise.

What we hold dear hardly ever comes easy. Goes for small stuff and grand projects alike. Sacrifice comes first — be it a moment of discomfort or years of struggle.

But it's all in the denominator. Not important. We need to focus on the numerator. That answers the question: "For what?" Personal meaning can justify any, even colossal, cost.

Remember, meaning doesn't always scream in neon on the wall. Often, it's a vague sensation in your gut. A pull somewhere. Where? Can't be explained. Yet. But later, you'll thank intuition greatly.

Alexander Lyadov

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