Make Ford Key - Lost Keys - FO38 Lishi SECRETS

Make Ford Key - Lost Keys - FO38 Lishi SECRETS


Have you lost all the keys to your Ford and wondering how the heck a locksmith makes them from thin air? 

Many people might assume with have some kind of magic putty that we stick into the ignition and boom, we make a key.

The process is actually quite simple when you have one of my very favorite tools, the lishi tool.

For this video I break down how to use a FO38 lishi tool. 


First you want to prep the lock with some lubrication. Run a key blank through the cylinder to break up any dust or foreign particles.

Next insert your lishi tool into the door. Begin checking each space for stiffness.

I always like the saying, "if she is stiff, then she is ready to be picked" referring to the wafers.

When you feel stiffness, begin to push the wafer until it clicks. You know you correctly picked it when the wafer becomes springy.

After all the wafers are springy the cylinder should rotate and allow you to decode.

Take the needle of the tools and go through each space pushing it past springy point. Whatever depth it stops on, write it down.

Now on Fords, only 6/8 cuts will be in the door. You will needs a code source database to give the possibilities for the last 2 cuts which are used in the ignition.

Begin cutting the keys until you have a working one.

This video is for education purposes only. Thank you for watching and please tell me any feedback down in the comments.

Make Ford Key - Lost Keys - FO38 Lishi SECRETS