Mistakes Make Us. Alexander Lyadov

Mistakes Make Us. Alexander Lyadov

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Mistakes Make Us

In the past, folks kind of imagined what the future held for them.

Today, no one can predict what's gonna happen next.


Every day, fate tosses new logs into the fire:


deadly viruses,

loss of meaning,

confusing terms,

tyranny of the minority,

fake and lies on the rise,

bureaucracies fighting for global control,

a tendency to resort to violence instead of persuasion,

technologies altering the DNA of humanity and society, and so on.

You can throw in the towel and gripe about the growing chaos.

Or, you can embrace the new reality with all your heart. As the US Navy Seals ispire themselves: "Embrace the suck."

Besides the downsides, every phenomenon has its upsides. Losing track for a tram is a bummer. But in return, the whole world unfolds before the passenger.

Uncertainty breaks the templates that served us. Instead, we gain the freedom to invent solutions here and now.

The only thing holding us back is the fear of making mistakes. It paralyzes the will to take any action. Sadly, in a dynamic environment, a static system is doomed to collapse.

It's crucial to remember why Homo sapiens are still kicking.

The British physicist David Deutsch put it this way: "The society of the West, quintessentially, it's not the society that makes the right decisions all the time. It's the society that corrects errors. There is no limit to the size of errors that we can make. Individuals, groups or society as a whole can make arbitrary large errors. And the important difference between different societies, different groups, and different subcultures is therefore how good they are at correcting."

We survive and thrive only by fixing the mistakes we can't help but make.

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Lyadov

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