NEOsvitnii Arsenal. Different Together

NEOsvitnii Arsenal. Different Together


From September 22nd to 24th, the festival "NEOsvitnii Arsenal. Different Together" took place. Its aim was to create a safe and inclusive space for learning, play, and leisure for all children, regardless of their needs and interests.

During the festival, our foundation presented an exhibition of photo portraits of LEVCHYK HUB wards titled "Eye Contact. A view in the spectrum." Throughout the event, our team shared information with the visitors about children with autism spectrum disorders, their needs, problems, and everyday challenges. Thanks to a special headphones experiment , participants could gain some understanding of how children with ASD perceive the world around them.

Through such events, we collectively work towards creating a world where differences can coexist. We extend our gratitude to Mystetskyi Arsenal for the invitation. To the partners Canyon Accessories — for headphones for our experiment. And Vadym Stolar, patron of the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB project, for his comprehensive support that made this exhibition possible! We are confidently moving towards our goal — an autism-friendly society!

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