Piercing Attention. Alexander Lyadov

Piercing Attention. Alexander Lyadov

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Piercing Attention


When the air balloon inflates, it's easy to pierce. When the wood is small and dry, starting a fire isn't much trouble either. Otherwise, you'll have to sweat. And in a vacuum, a fire is simply impossible.

The process flows effortlessly when all the prerequisites are in place.

And if you care about the outcome of the process, you'll get it without much effort. Well, almost. Ideally, you just need to be in the right place at the right time. Reality will do the rest for you.

Let's apply this thought to your business. Are you tired of an endless string of problems, glitches, and conflicts? It means you're working against the process.

Friction with reality always causes a burn.

The chaos phase is normal if you've launched a startup. Finding a business model is never comfortable. But if the company has been in the market for a while, its movement is as focused as a bob on a bobsled track.

This means you know exactly who your customers are, when they are ready, and how to create value for them.

So if you're an expert in your field, you need one thing.

Attention. Sharp as a pin.

Alexander Lyadov

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