Basic Information
  • Foundation date

    12 November 2022

  • Who we are

    RAVATAR Avatar-as-a-Service (AaaS) is a comprehensive system integration platform designed to help users create high-quality realistic human AI avatars by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies of Generative AI and Conversational AI. 

    Such AI-powered avatars can represent either a real person or a fictional character in a virtual realm while closely resembling human appearance and behavior by copying even the most subtle mimic expressions and gestures. 

    And thanks to natural language processing and speech generation, realistic AI avatars can recognize, understand, and respond to human speech with a voice. 

The Concept

Created with this service, AI human-like avatars are named the same way - RAVATARs, where the letter “R” stands for:

- Realistic: determining that AI avatars can closely mirror human appearance and behavior in a virtual environment.

- Revolution: underlining that AI avatars signify a major shift in the way we interact with the world by creating new forms of communication between humans and machines, as well as breaking down barriers between people of different cultures or backgrounds.

- Resurrection: emphasizing the ability to recreate deceased individuals in a virtual world as AI avatars using their personal data and past interactions.


RAVATAR provides extensive guidance throughout the processes of realistic AI avatars creation, customization, and integration into the required informational system for their further employment as personal assistants, customer service agents, brand ambassadors, and more. 

Use Cases

Customer Service

AI avatars excel at handling inquiries, complaints, and even sales, instantly analyzing client data and preferences for personalized interactions. Businesses with high volumes of customer inquiries find them invaluable, as they provide reliable support without the need for salaries or training, helping to optimize expenses and effortlessly expand their workforces. 

And due to their 24/7 availability, AI avatars ensure a seamless and immediate response to customer needs, eliminating wait times and providing instant on-hand help while continuously learning and improving through interactions.

Virtual Influencer

AI-driven digital personalities, crafted with machine learning algorithms, are a powerful force in social marketing today. Unaffected by personal life dramas or physical limitations, they flawlessly deliver brand messages as reliable virtual spokespersons. 

Their multilingual abilities enable global reach, making them perfect for roles in advertisement videos, social media, and virtual events. Revolutionizing marketing strategies, they offer 24/7 availability, unwavering message consistency, and boundless adaptability, enhancing user engagement worldwide.

Personal Assistant

Embrace personalized support with AI avatars as trusted personal assistants. They can efficiently manage your schedule, respond to emails, and coordinate virtual meetings. 

With 24/7 availability, you never miss appointments, and multilingual capabilities ensure seamless global communication. Limitless customization creates a soulful connection, while comprehending your needs and promptly fulfilling them elevates productivity.

Digital Resurrection

One of the AI development directions is advancing digital resurrection, aiming to realistically reunite us with deceased loved ones. AI avatars can mimic the appearance, mannerisms, and speech patterns of departed people, generating virtual embodiments that interact naturally based on trained knowledge. 

This allows simulating the presence of cherished family members, favorite celebrities, and other people whose contributions can be considered significant and worth upholding. Though consciousness replication is distant, evolving AI offers a future where virtual counterparts become more sophisticated, reshaping how we perceive mortality and preserving human heritage.

Personal Digital Clone

Imagine having the power to clone yourself, effortlessly communicating in multiple languages, and being virtually present at various locations simultaneously. Your digital clone seamlessly represents you in virtual activities, from online meetings to social media interactions, can process your emails on your behalf, and even host virtual events.

This groundbreaking technology allows you to reclaim time for personal growth, as your avatar handles essential tasks on your behalf. Moreover, it offers a gateway to digital immortality, preserving cherished aspects of yourself for future generations and leaving a lasting legacy.

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