Safety First. Alexander Lyadov

Safety First. Alexander Lyadov

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Safety First

Today, I dominated my opponent in the jiu-jitsu match and won.

But a couple of months ago, I barely survived under his pressure.

What's the difference? Back then, I doubted my injured meniscus.

My subconscious sensed my knee's vulnerability and protected it.

As a result, I attacked timidly, half-heartedly, with hesitation.

The surgery and rehabilitation eliminated this weakness.

The subconscious calmed down, letting the body go full throttle.

There's a simple rule: first safety, and only then growth.

If you forgot it, don't complain that there's no progress in business.

The thing is...


It doesn't matter what resources, brand, or team you have.

If there's a hole under the ship, your subconscious knows.

You need to find and fix the root problem at all costs.

The resulting energy release can be astounding.

Alexander Lyadov