SeidoShop - We Stand with Ukraine

SeidoShop - We Stand with Ukraine

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SeidoShop - We Stand with Ukraine
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    22 March 2022



Dear Budoka,


As you know, Seido has never been neutral, we have been modestly contributing to several NGOs for years now with what we believe to be the best interest of Humankind under the Budo philosophy and ethics (to the risk of displeasing a portion of our customers).

Addressing the entire Budo community, Seido would like to state with determination its position against all kinds of wars, and its full support to all victims of any kind of aggression. For this reason, we will be cutting short our March discount and starting a charity campaign from March 29 to April 5.

During this period, 10% of all our sales will be donated to the United Nations High Committee for Refugees (UNHCR).

If you want to make the most of our current discount, please note that it will be stopped on March 29th afternoon (Japan Time) instead of the initially planned date of March 31st. If you would like to participate in our charity event, please hold your order until March 29th afternoon.

Fellow Budoka, the study of Budo teaches us more than techniques, it teaches us a form of wisdom built by Japanese ancient warriors, Samurai, but also by all the wonderful modern Japanese great masters who embraced moral and ethical values of their time.

Japanese masters inherited a tradition of violent civil wars and, through the peaceful Edo period, integrated arts of living. Then, they integrated modern methods and ethics through the Meiji period and fell into the terror of dictatorship of World War II, to finally fully embrace the way of durable peace.

Japan, as a sovereign nation, is the only nation with an army entirely dedicated to its defense, with no capacity for aggression. For more than half a century, this deeply infused into the heart of the Japanese population, and in our everyday life.

Our future and the future of our children shall never know the terror our parents and grandparents lived.

As human beings, as a citizen of the world, as Budoka, we feel obligated to stand for Ukraine and to stand for peace.

Jordy Delage

Founder & CEO @Seido Co., Ltd.