Solving Pseudo-Problems. Alexander Lyadov

Solving Pseudo-Problems. Alexander Lyadov

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Your business is wasting resources on pseudo-problems.

How can you check it?


Here are the signs of trouble:

Overhead costs are rising faster than gross profit.

Top managers are vying for power among themselves.

Implementing decisions takes an eternity.

Departments pursue their own local interests.

Granting more freedom to employees leads to chaos.

Customers complain about the quality of products and services.

You feel like a firefighter, not a founder or CEO.

You're so exhausted that you just want to say, 'Screw this...'

So, you try to:

Hire a top-notch HRD.

Establish a board of directors.

Poach top sales talent from competitors.

Enroll in a course at a leading business school.

Get your team more in sync through strategic meetings.

Bring in consultants for a new management framework.

Invest in team training, IT systems, reporting, and so on.

But like the heads of the hydra, the problems keep growing back.

One day, you have to admit that the root of the problems is you.

Specifically, your perception of the company has an unobvious bug.

Hooray, the real transformation of your business has begun.

But wait, when?

The moment you became the epicenter of your microcosm.

Alexander Lyadov