Spencer Johnson: Amex Business Checking (Watch Me Apply & Set-Up)

Spencer Johnson: Amex Business Checking (Watch Me Apply & Set-Up)


Hey guys, in this video, I'll be giving a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can open an American Express Business Checking Account and set up the account in all of Amex's apps associated with it. Before we get into that, I discuss the benefits and features of the Amex Business Checking Account including the 1.30% APY it offers with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirement, in addition to the Amex Membership Reward point welcome bonus it comes with! If you're someone who enjoys bank account bonus hunting or are just wanting a good business checking account to store some of your cash that you can earn interest on, this account may be the one for you! If you've been wondering "What are the best business checking accounts?" or "How do I open an Amex Business Checking Account?", this video will help you out!



00:00 Best Business Checking Accounts

01:17 Rewards & Benefits

02:39 Welcome Offer Eligibility

04:23 Additional Perks

05:25 Watch Me Apply (Part 1)

09:06 Watch Me Apply (Part 2)

09:40 Watch Me Apply (Part 3)

10:35 The Moment Of Truth

11:37 Setup Process: Home Tab

12:34 Setup Process: Blueprint

13:28 Setup Process: Blueprint App

14:01 Setup Process: Amex Business Checking App

14:36 How Amex Apps Integrate With Each Other

15:17 Next Steps

Amex Business Checking (Watch Me Apply & Set-Up)