The Anatomy of Collapse. Alexander Lyadov

The Anatomy of Collapse. Alexander Lyadov

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The Anatomy of Collapse

How does the collapse of an individual, business, or state occur? Essentially, the process is the same, when observed from a high level. For a long time everything seems fine, except for strange signals that make one raise your eyebrows, shrug his shoulders or curl your lips in disdain.


Metaphorically speaking, there are cracks appearing here and there in the ship of life, through which icy water tries to seep in. One crack is plugged with whatever is at hand, a bucket is placed under another, and the discomfort of the third is somehow endured. The situation resembles a juggler who gradually increases the number of objects hovering over his head.

The fragility of the system increases, and it becomes clear that it is doomed, although it is impossible to predict when the collapse will occur and what will be the trigger. The point is that gradually, the vulnerable points stop being local and unite their destructive power.

That is why experienced entrepreneurs are paranoid about the appearance, repetition, and especially the multiplication of any anomalies. Furthermore, this vigilance not only allows businesses to survive but also founders know that an anomaly has hidden value that can propel a business forward.

So, are there any stange things happening in your company?

Alexander Lyadov