The Energy to Start. Alexander Lyadov

The Energy to Start. Alexander Lyadov

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The Energy to Start

People believe that procrastination is putting off important but unpleasant tasks. But sometimes I find it difficult to start what excites, inspires, and gives meaning to me. Does it sound like a paradox?


For instance, after one-day diagnostic sessions, I prepare an analytical report for the client. In it, I delve into the core business problem, strategic priorities, decisions made, and recommendations. It's not just mechanically processing session notes; it's a genuine creative act. From ten hours of content, I must extract the essence. I need to describe the phenomenon as it is, not as we wish to see it. The process is so captivating that I become absorbed in it. So why is it so hard to begin?

The process demands immense focus. I must shut out any thoughts about myself, family, friends, and the world. However, entering this focused state is not easy. It's like starting a chemical reaction; it requires activation energy. You'd think, there it is, the desired activity, but no – at first, you have to overcome the energy barrier.

So, I end up going in circles, gathering my strength. This is how a future entrepreneur raises funds for the capital stock. Then a thought pierces me. What if I were to delve into something my heart does not embrace? Then the undertaking would demand a sacrifice beyond all measure.

Conclusion: Be selective in what you dedicate yourself to.

Alexander Lyadov