The internationalization of grappling. John Danaher

The internationalization of grappling. John Danaher


The internationalization of grappling: Twenty five years ago grappling was a sport completely dominated by one country - Brazil. As time passed The United States became a powerhouse with many outstanding athletes and it started to become a two country sport. Recently however, Australia, Canada, England, Poland and other nations have become very strong and putting out world beaters. Today at the @aiga.global grappling event in Kazakstan the new expansion of talent and involvement was dramatically illustrated when the Eastern European team Universal Fight defeated a very talented team comprised of ADCC standouts 4-3. This is a remarkable achievement. It’s impressive to win even a single match against a team of highly ranked ADCC athletes - to win a team event shows that you have talent in depth. Of the ADCC athletes Giancarlo Bodoni, Coke Abate and Dante Leon were able to win and do so via submission, but four of the Universal Athletes were able to win via points against very talented Jiu jitsu athletes and showed the world very clearly that they have arrived and are ready to compete at the highest levels. This internationalization of grappling is a very good and healthy thing for the development of the sport. It ensure the future growth of grappling both in terms of following and technical development. Each nation tends to build its own unique strengths into their game and force adaptations and evolutions that spur new growth and development among all competitors. Congratulations to Universal Fight on an excellent performance today and to @aiga.global for giving the athletes an excellent venue to show their skills

John Danaher