The Music Box with a Secret. Alexander Lyadov

The Music Box with a Secret. Alexander Lyadov

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The Music Box with a Secret

Beloved childhood cartoon - "The Music Box with a Secret."

As an adult, I revisited it and appreciated it even more.

In 1976, especially in the USSR, it stood out from the rest:

Psychedelic aesthetics akin to the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine,"

Electronic music and advanced sound effects,

Profound meaning and a dynamic plot.

A boy falls asleep and finds himself inside an ancient music box. It's frozen. He tries to find the reason for its malfunction.


Various parts of the box boast about their importance. A jesting harlequin argues with them. He knows the secret - one small detail decides whether the box will function or not.

But they all mockingly say, "There's no secret. You're just an extra part. We won't miss you."

The jester is outraged: "Extra"? "Not needed"? Without me, you're just junk! If this thing breaks, the box won't make a sound!" He shifts the pawl that locks the gear. Collapse follows.

The same plot constantly unfolds in business.

In a company, it seems like everyone forgot why they gathered. Every top manager flaunts their merits in the CEO's eyes. Departments sabotage each other. There is no profit, even if there is revenue growth.

There's division, friction, and local optimization. No one names the problems. Efforts to honestly assess the situation are thwarted. Arrogance and fear are a dangerous mix.

Such an attitude hinders finding the root cause of problems. Suppose an external expert points out, "Here it is - the key detail!" That's not enough.T o secure progress, you must know "Where to?" and "For what?"

Only one person can provide these answers - the founder/CEO.

Alexander Lyadov

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