The One Who Creates. Alexander Lyadov

The One Who Creates. Alexander Lyadov

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The One Who Creates

Building a business is a lot like writing an article.

The most difficult thing is to weave a text pattern from the threads of the void. This stage is unpredictable; sheer willpower or technique won't snatch it. Sometimes inspiration comes instantly, and other times it takes hours of struggling.


You must connect with something beyond your control. The more unique your final product, the more this metaphysical force gets involved. You are merely a tool in its hands.

Yet, once the rough draft is ready, a different task begins. For analysis and revisions, you need logic, procedure, and algorithms.

The editing, publishing, and distribution stage is crucial too. But it's technical and predictable. Anyone can be taught to do it.

That's why there are always fewer entrepreneurs and writers than managers and editors. We should recognize and respect this hierarchy. No matter how strange, unpredictable, and arduous the creative phase may be, it makes everything we have today.

Fortunately, creators cannot not create. It's also the only thing they'll do full time. So, administrators, financiers, and marketers are as essential to a creator as air. Thus, an alliance forms, transforming the world.

Alexander Lyadov