The plasticity of speed. Alexander Lyadov

The plasticity of speed. Alexander Lyadov

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Speed is an amazing thing. You can tell how fast you are, for example, by looking at the dashboard or beating someone at a traffic light. However, outside of such laboratory conditions, speed behaves like a heated caramel, which is shaped into a candy by the hands of a master. It is known that in seconds of extreme situation or hours of psychedelic ceremony a person manages to live a whole life. And when there is a working alliance with the client, the 12-hour session flies by in the same breath: “That’s it? Wow! Thought it was still morning.”

The plasticity of speed is useful to remember when it comes to the transformation of an individual, an organization, or a society. Its numerator and denominator live mysterious lives, either shrinking into a point or stretching into infinity. From the outside, it may seem to the observer that nothing is happening. But in reality there is an intense process of cell division going on under the static shell. The quantity is preparing to change into a new quality. It takes both the mother’s patience to radiate heat and the father’s push for autonomous life. And if in the animal world the timing of the transformation is regulated by an algorithm of instinct, for an individual, a group or a nation, there seems to be no simple instruction. It is not the template and prêt-à-porter that is more appropriate, but the bespoke and haute couture.

However, if this complexity of transformation does not frighten you, you will be rewarded with both the process and the result. When you know that each stage is meaningful, patience and determination emerge on their own. Most importantly, trust in the wisdom of the Process grows, that everything happens just as it should. Then gratitude for what you have naturally arises. This, in turn, helps to put together all the “useless” elements, previously scattered and trampled in the dirt. When literally everything turns out to be the building material, the construction of a skyscraper, observatory or temple takes place at the third cosmic speed.

Sincerely yours,

-Alexander Lyadov