The Poisonous Pleasure. Alexander Lyadov

The Poisonous Pleasure. Alexander Lyadov

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The Poisonous Pleasure.

"I don't like dealing with back problems. Especially chronic cases," said the experienced rehabilitation specialist. He explained that the cause of the illness is usually the patient's lifestyle. Almost no one is willing to change it, rendering his assistance useless."It's so true!" I thought, "It's exactly the same in business."


Some entrepreneurs and CEOs seem to say, "I'll continue ruthlessly poisoning my body. But give me a pill to heal and let me continue indulging in the poison." For example, a business owner complains about the lack of initiative from top managers, conflicts between departments, declining profitability, and a shortage of new ideas. The analysis indicates that in the company, the balance of responsibility and authority is disrupted, and there is no clear leader. The owner listens intently to the conclusions, nodding in agreement... but doesn't hurry to rectify the situation.

The rehabilitation specialist explained why. The company's problems didn't arise suddenly or by chance. A psychotherapist would say that the owner derives secondary benefits from the status quo. While he claims readiness for business development, deep down, he secretly enjoys this chaos.

Each founder's personality holds its own secret. Some control people in this way, others reproduce their families, and some hold dear their past beliefs. It's crucial to recognize that assistance is only appropriate when objective reality poses a sharp question to the founder: "Are you willing to lose your entire business for the sake of your pleasure?"

Alexander Lyadov