The potential of the position taken. Alexander Lyadov

The potential of the position taken. Alexander Lyadov

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The potential of the position taken

What business idea is unbearable for many people?

To be successful, we need to focus our efforts on the long term.

And what does everyone crave? To win the prize, all at once.

Even the most productive businessmen feel that itch.

But unlike others, it does not overpower them.


Why? They're motivated by the process of getting closer to their goal.

They are sure that sooner or later they will reach their destination.

They only wonder, "Have I advanced today or not?"

Then yesterday's achievement as such has no value.

More important is whether it serves as a springboard to leap to a new height.

This attitude almost removes the weight of current victories and failures.

All of this is just a blueprint for what the future may hold.

The entrepreneur, like a flying squirrel, jumps from one branch to another without trying to pick the ideal out of them.

​John Danaher, one of the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainers in the world, put it this way: "Sometimes the true value of the position is not the position itself, but the potential it has to function as a gateway for a future reward."

Alexander Lyadov