The Secret Cipher: A Journey Inside Yourself. Alexander Lyadov

The Secret Cipher: A Journey Inside Yourself. Alexander Lyadov

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The Secret Cipher: A Journey Inside Yourself

I wish I could have solved my grand dilemma 20 years ago.

My career would have been more straightforward and clear. But no, I spent many years searching for the key to a secret cipher.

I shifted industries, studied in Chicago and Harvard, read books on thermodynamics, philosophy, psychology, and religion, interviewed deep thinkers, and underwent a shamanic ritual in the jungles of Peru.


Even during wonderful vacations in France with my family, only a part of me was present, as the other part was occupied with solving the Problem.

No matter what I did, sooner or later, I always came up against a strange internal limit that caused me to lose almost everything I had built with great effort.

Without going into details, I can say that I eventually expanded my bottleneck.

Do I think that all those years were wasted? Not at all.

If solving complex dilemmas were a widely recognized art, I would have been awarded an honestly earned black belt.

When founders describe how they are stuck, I feel every nuance of their situation and intuitively understand what they have gone through and how close they have come to solving their problem.

Essentially, I have become the person I would have liked to meet 20 years ago.

I think it was worth it. Do you agree?"

Alexander Lyadov