The Secret of Entrepreneurial Loneliness. Alexander Lyadov

The Secret of Entrepreneurial Loneliness. Alexander Lyadov

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The Secret of Entrepreneurial Loneliness.

The loneliness of an entrepreneur has many reasons.

But there's one excruciating reason that no one talks about.

If you'll allow me, I'll tell you what it is...

In business, logic is valued and irrationality is criticized.

The system is only valuable if it's predictable and reliable.

Otherwise, it's not a business, but a sandcastle.

However, there's a third entity - suprarationality.

Real entrepreneurs know what I'm talking about.


The X phenomenon already exists, but it doesn't have a clear form yet.

99% of people won't see it or will devalue it if X is described to them.

But a creator recognizes X, whether he or she is entrepreneur, an artist or a poet.

That's enough for the creator to go all-in and bet on X.

In the eyes of the layman, such a step by a founder is pure madness.

The layman doesn't know what suprarationality is and what it entails:

Everything that's evident was once implicit (without exceptions).

Therefore, there's a process of birth of one from zero.

The founder is the keeper and ambassador of this secret process.

The torture of loneliness is to know the secret but not be able to talk about it

Alexander Lyadov