The tyranny of the majority. Victor Berezenko

The tyranny of the majority. Victor Berezenko

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The tyranny of the majority.

«I don't know, but I condemn» — this is the main principle of herd mentality.

Tribal thinking and the need to belong to a group push an individual to adapt to 'general norms.' This is an evolutionary mechanism, because historically it was easier to survive in a group. Loners often did not survive.

When an individual has their own opinion that differs from the collective opinion, they face rejection. Even the strongest intellect cannot overcome this basic instinct. Under the pressure of society, the brain suppresses personal thoughts in favor of group ones.

This tendency helped our ancestors survive, but in the modern world, it destroys individuality. 'I didn't read, didn't hear, don't know personally, but I condemn.' Because the majority condemns. Modern social media has even increased the influence of herd mentality, making it easy to spread and track popular opinions.

However, humanity has always been driven forward by free people, acting contrary to herd mentality.

Being free means having the courage to reject the tyranny of the majority.

Victor Berezenko