This Is Our Secret. Alexander Lyadov

This Is Our Secret. Alexander Lyadov

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This Is Our Secret


"Your articles make me think."

Lately, that's been the best compliment.

The reader is right - that's exactly my intention.

Every day, gigabytes of texts, videos, and posts flood us.

They are pseudo-simple, shallow, and dogmatic.

Like sweet and fragrant donuts, they go down easily.

After all, processed food dulls existential hunger.

My tool isn't an exclamation mark, it's a question mark.

Isn't it cooler to discover things than to know in advance?

So, when I start writing, I have no idea where I'll end up.

This way, there's a higher risk of misinterpreting my articles.

But there's also a plus - current understanding grows bit by bit.

Curiously, I do not share all articles from this newsletter on social media.

It means: I trust you much more as a conversation partner.

Alexander Lyadov