Today Kyiv was bombed again

Today Kyiv was bombed again

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Today Kyiv was bombed again
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    26 June 2022


In my world forgetting about the war is impossible. Every day I read disturbing news before and after writing the thesis or giving classes, although I don’t write about it much. I remember about it always.

Today Kyiv was bombed again. The city where more and more of my friends are coming back and where my nephew is. And just after that I had a conversation where I’ve been told that it is not that bad as it was. 

Large beautiful European country is being terrorized for the 5th month in front of everyone’s eyes, IT IS as bad as it was and it is getting worse. Please, don’t let the war become routine. It is closer than it seems.

Today Kyiv was bombed again. Roses in Prague bloom. Tens of innocent people die every day. Tonight I am going to milonga. I have no idea how to fit all these things into one small me at the same time #StandWithUkraine

Author Elena Sergienko