Updraft. Alexander Lyadov

Updraft. Alexander Lyadov

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There is no one profession in which mastery is achieved quickly and easily.

You have to absorb a lot of knowledge and skills by undertaking a colossal number of iterations.

But the world outside and inside a person is unstable — it swings up and down.

So it’s impossible to learn only when the circumstances and mindset are perfect.

In 90 cases out of 100 you have to overcome resistance of one kind or another.

It’s like rock climbing, where gravity pulls you down to the ground nonstop.

You have to have just as much strength in your allies to climb to the top.

It’s not about stamina, fortitude or discipline, although those can’t hurt.

Something has to pull you upward like an eagle is pulled by a warm updraft.

It doesn’t own or control the air currents, but that doesn’t upset it.

The eagle doesn’t even need to understand where it’s coming from or why it’s moving upward.

All these details are unnecessary for a steady climb, for they are secondary.

What is primary is the ability to find that flow, and then to trust the vector of its power.

Well, everything is clear with the eagle, but what about the man? What pushes him up and forward?

Meet your Curiosity.

Sincerely yours,

-Alexander Lyadov