What is wrong with Elon Musk? Victor Berezenko

What is wrong with Elon Musk? Victor Berezenko

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What is wrong with Elon Musk? Very simple: propaganda got to him faster than we did. 

We can mock the propagandists as much as we want, but they have made zombies of 140 million people in one country and it is not clear how many exactly around the world. These «snowdrops» are manifesting themselves every day.

Propaganda is so deeply embedded in their brains and has been working for so long that it has replaced their own worldview and thinking. That is why when they call murder is life, slavery is freedom, violence is brotherly embrace, people automatically accept the same point of view. Zombies, everything is like in the movies.

On the photo in the section of Europe there is a Ukrainian exposition in Brussels, on the square opposite the European Commission. It is beautiful, it is here for the employees of the EU institutions to remember about Ukraine when going to work, going to lunch, going home.

Recently, this exposition was completely surrounded by hastily made banners with messages about another country. It was not done by friends of Ukraine. They did it to indicate that «the Ukrainian issue is no longer welcome here». 

This is a kind of a small meaningless thing, but you understand the situation. 

I point to the place where these banners stood. Now they are gone. And they will not appear again. 

This misunderstanding was quickly corrected by a group of concerned Ukrainians. 

Friends, we need to combine forces and work even harder to counter propaganda and disinformation. Carry messages of Ukraine to the world. It is not the time to kill each other, we have someone to fight against.

We cannot let down the guys who are fighting on the battlefield.

Victor Berezenko