Where Do Ideas Come from? Alexander Lyadov

Where Do Ideas Come from? Alexander Lyadov

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Where Do Ideas Come from?

It is a great mystery where and how ideas come from.

What happens to them afterward is clear to everyone.

If zero is phantom, then one can be scaled to a billion.

Everything around us is made up of ideas poured into the form of things.

Moments before the lightning strike of insight, humanity was in the dark.


Suddenly - bam! Nothing gave birth to Something. The world changed forever.

Only someone unfamiliar with creativity fails to appreciate this revolution.

The creator, however, is aware of his (or her) narcotic dependence on the dealer of stunning ideas, whose face he has never seen.

Knowing that without this source, he is nothing, fills him with humility, awe, and gratitude for the privilege.

And the more often a person stays on the border where μεταμόρφωσις boils, the more flexible his mental framework becomes, and the stronger the connection between the source and the creator.

Mental flexibility reveals to him the hidden valuable meaning of even the darkest events.

Therefore, a true creator is a living paradox, a blend of "+" and "-".

So he is almost no longer afraid of conflict, stagnation, and emptiness.

He has often seen how just one thought turns lead into gold.

That is why, for example, a founder is calm when everything around him seems to be falling apart.

Because he is both an ambassador of Order and Chaos.

Alexander Lyadov