Where You Didn't Want to Look. Alexander Lyadov

Where You Didn't Want to Look. Alexander Lyadov

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Where You Didn't Want to Look.

Often the highest knowledge lies where you didn't think to look.

For instance, what is the most effective way to learn guard retention in jiu-jitsu?


Study in detail the method by which your opponent will attack you.

Personal security experts advise studying criminality.

Knowing how a criminal thinks makes it easier to neutralize them.

Perhaps the primitive man uncovered the secret of wildfire in the same way.

While others fled in fear, he carefully studied the behavior of fire.

What seemed to want to kill him ultimately nourished and warmed him.

In business, it's more useful to learn from catastrophes than success stories.

There are many ways to thrive, but a limited number of ways to go bankrupt.

In business therapy, I use this insight with entrepreneurs.

Part of the session is devoted to working through super-negative scenarios.

Usually, this is a blind spot because we want to avoid this work.

However, afterward, the founder acts decisively and boldly.

Knowing your vulnerabilities makes you stronger.

Alexander Lyadov