Why 93% of People NEVER LOSE BELLY FAT

Why 93% of People NEVER LOSE BELLY FAT


After years of being stuck with too much belly fat I have found the 4 things that all people who lose belly fat have in common. Belly fat is the part of the process that happens after losing body fat from the rest of the body and there is just some left on the lower back, the love handles, the core and lower abdomen. 

93% of people is a complete guess but based on my experience with going through this journey myself I have found a few simple things to change that make this process much easier. 


Fat loss is easy, perhaps that's what you have heard, well it can be but it all depends on your approach. How fast should you lose body fat? This will have a huge impact on how long you can continue, and if you can continue for a longer time your chances increase greatly. 

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Why 93% of people never lose belly fat.

Why 93% of People NEVER LOSE BELLY FAT